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l'Ours des Corbières and the environment


L'Ours des Corbières has invested in the recent years a lot of money in environmental friendly technology to reduce the use of poluting energy sources without loosing comfort towards the clients.

Solar panels were installed in 2017 and heating pumps in 2018 to replace the fuel central heating and normal electric boilers were replaced by thermodynamic boilers which produce partly own electricity to heat up the water for showers.

We also urge all our costumers to take into consideration the ecological footprint of our B&B, therefore its is recommended to reduce showers to the strict minimum and to sort out all garbage.

Since our start L'Ours des Corbières has used spring water to fill up the swimming pool each summer, this water is not only healthier for the skin but more natural than all chemical treated products used by the waterproviders in towns and villages.


If u have any more suggestions on how we can keep on improving our ecological footprint please dont hesitate to send or give us some ideas

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